Brockdorff Grech Law’s primary areas of practice are: International and Domestic Tax, Trusts and Foundations, Company Law, Commercial Law, and Anti-Money Laundering.

International and Domestic Tax

Tax planning is dead, long live tax planning.

Nowadays, the planet is plagued by the fad of condemning tax planning as though it were equivalent to tax evasion. Loose terms such as aggressive tax planning are used to blur the lines, narrowing the area of what is acceptable. However, tax planning is simply what the term means: planning of one’s affairs in a legal and legitimate manner, to pay tax dues.

At Brockdorff Grech Law we work with businesses, multinational groups, as well as individuals to design workable solutions to tax challenges. With a focus on the issues faced by businesses, their owners and managers, we provide comprehensive guidance on tax matters, spanning from formation to exit. We counsel in the context of daily operations, the use of intellectual property, employment compensation, as well as in the instance of milestone events such as mergers and acquisitions, and reorganisations, especially across state borders, where such are in the EU or beyond. For individuals moving around the globe, wishing to hold their property and investments efficiently, or to provide for the future beyond the grave, we provide counsel and support succession planning transactions.

As one of the notable practitioners in the area of tax law, Juanita Brockdorff works closely with Louella Grech to assist in establishing the legal entities through which individuals and multinationals carry out their business and investments.

Last, but not least, since taxpayers are increasingly under the watch of tax authorities, Brockdorff Grech Law is by your side in preventing, managing, and resolving tax disputes.

Trusts and Foundations

At Brockdorff Grech Law we know how important it is to secure assets from unwarranted claims, to segregate business from personal assets, to invest in assets with a return which will be available for generations, to protect the well-being of family objectively and non-intrusively. Juanita Brockdorff puts to use her first hand experience in the area, to set up arrangements tailor-made for clients’ needs and wishes, in a cost-efficient and sustainable manner. We pride ourselves in understanding our clients’ personal preferences both in protecting their patrimonies and in cross-border planning for beyond the grave. Both Juanita Brockdorff and Louella Grech are recognised Trust and Estate Practitioners (TEP) of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

Company Law

Our clients depend on our advice and support in managing corporate structures, be they cross-border or domestic. At Brockdorff Grech Law we are aware that tax issues do not occur in a vacuum, such that Juanita Brockdorff works closely with Louella Grech to advise clients on implementing structures and reorganising existing ones. We continue to provide comfort to our clients in selecting the optimal structure for their business, be it in the nature of a partnership or corporation. Having been involved both as counsel and holding directorship and company secretary offices of companies, Louella Grech hand holds clients as they navigate what otherwise would be an unintelligible maze of laws and regulations. At Brockdorf Grech Law we are also sensitive to governance issues and will indicate the practices most suited to the particular circumstances of our clients.

Commercial Law

In our experience, more often than not, issues have multiple facets spanning more than one area of law. At Brockdorff Grech Law we understand the nature of overlapping issues and assist our clients with matters ranging from formalizing legal relationships with business partners, to demystifying the contractual intricacies of agreements concluded between franchisors and franchisees. Furthermore, both Juanita Brockdorff and Louella Grech furnish guidance to enterprises expanding their operations across various jurisdictions.

Anti-Money Laundering

Rules governing the prevention and detection of money-laundering and financing of terrorism have come to represent a risk and a cost of doing business across any sector of industry. At Brockdorff Grech Law, Louella Grech knows the pain points generated by AML/CFT regulations and is familiar not only with the evolving rules, but also with the twists and turns of areas on the radar of regulators enforcing the law.

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