About Brockdorff Grech Law

Acta, Non Verba. 

Collectively, we have built our experience in assisting clients over a period spanning almost four decades.  Over such time each of us individually has become known and remembered by our deeds. At Brockdorff Grech Law we strive to be recognised by our actions, to be well-regarded for our commitment to representing our clients, and to be held in high esteem for our determination to do what is right.

Founding Partners

Our People

Meet our Team of Experts

Juanita Brockdorff

Founding Partner

Louella Grech

Founding Partner


Brockdorff Grech Law’s primary areas of practice are:

Demystification of the complex laws of cross-border and domestic taxes,  including their interaction, as well as their ramifications for gaming business and digital assets.

Advice on arrangements and legal persons suited for inclusion in new or existing structures.

Support with gauging corporate law implications and related compliance obligations of doing business in corporate form.

Assistance with the permutations of business transactions and the contractual arrangements implementing them.

Guidance on governance requirements emerging from the rules regulating anti-money laundering and countering of financing terrorism.

Whom do we serve?


Brockdorff Grech Law covers a broad range of industries, in particular:

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